In line with the specific objectives of the Erasmus + program, the proposal aims to:

– promote the acquisition of specific skills and the strengthening of the professional skills of the teachers of the schools directly and indirectly involved in the project;

– inducing the teachers involved in the attention of the ongoing changes in the STEM sector by promoting the culture of lifelong learning and supporting them in learning through self-empowerment, both content and methodological, which allows them to face the growing diversity of learners and pedagogical innovations;

– support the development of the basic and transversal skills of the learners of their vocational training, i.e. oriented towards the labour market;

– support dissemination and systematic actions of open and innovative teaching methods;

– to stimulate the permeability between different sectors of education and training;

– improve the quality, innovation and internationalization of school education and training through transnational cooperation.

Thanks to the exchanges students will have the opportunity to interact with people and peers of different language and culture, to compare their respective contexts of life in person, in order to:

· Take a cue for the subsequent planning activities and be aware of the conditions of planning and urban life;

· Develop the language skills related to the Italian and French languages, and of the other vehicular language, English, which will be used by students and teachers to communicate;

· Develop transversal skills, such as the ability to relate and compare in a different cultural and social context, the capacity for dynamism, entrepreneurship and adaptation to various situations, intercultural awareness and European citizenship.